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Finally Finished the Placemats

I actually finished them over the weekend. I’m not happy with them, I made too many mistakes but at least I learned a lot too. Now I get to move on to a pure “art” project. A wall hanging where I’m just going to try random weaving techniques to see how they look.


The intent was for them to be solid green with the red stripe but because I didn’t lay the weft in properly I wasn’t able to beat it down enough and that let the warp show through.Image

The hem


More Weaving

I’ve finished two projects and am working on a set of placemats now. This first thing I did was a scarf seen here.

Hand woven scarf

Approximately 79" long and 9" wide

It took about six hours to do the whole thing from warping it to tying off the last bit of fringe. Both ends are beaten down because I didn’t understand the instructions at first so I started out beating it down instead of making it more open and “balanced.” Since I goofed up the beginning I had to match it at the end.

My second project is officially a table runner although we are now using it as a wall hanging since the apartment is almost completely devoid of art at the moment.

Hand Woven Wall Hanging

Approximately 39" tall and 18" wide

This took a little longer because of the open work and the extra color. The large open work in the middle is called “Brooks Bouquet” and the smaller bits at each end are a series of different “Lenos.” They are a progression of 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 2/2, and 1/1 which indicates the number of warp threads used in making the pattern. The swirly blue shape is a “Spanish Lace” design which would have benefited from heavier yarn.

The placemats I am working on now are a green and red design for Christmas, nothing fancy, just some red stripes down the sides. Pictures of them to come when complete.

There are a few more pictures of these two projects here The Lost Artisan.

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