Been a long time since I’ve written here and it seems kind of weird to make the new post a review of a movie but several people have asked about my thoughts after I posted I was seeing it today.

It was a “good” movie. I’m sure it will do well at the box office. I’m not nearly as critical of the cinematography and editing as my youngest son and wife are but apparently it wasn’t up to par. I will agree that it was way to much “in your face” or maybe “in their face.” I’ve seen the show once on stage and of course that is all at a distance. It seemed like every other shot was right up someone’s nose.

Russell Crowe tried his hardest and looked great in the role but his voice just wasn’t really up to it. I don’t fault him for that, I fault the people who did the casting. Hugh Jackman did better but wasn’t really there for everything either. I confess I missed Anne Hathaway’s big part but was told she would have hit it out of the park had the camera not been up her nose and down her throat.

Sasha Barron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were perfectly cast and pulled of their parts splendidly. One review Liz read said they were “over the top.” Well, yeah, they were supposed to be.

Young Cossette was amazing. That young lady nailed the part vocally and acting wise. Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne were also excellent even if he is strange looking.

The recording of the singing live worked sometimes and was a disaster other times. In the end they should have re-recorded all of the singing in the studio with a full orchestra so they could have maximized the voices quality and used the orchestra to better effect.

Oh by the way, it is long. Fortunately the Lost Pines 8 has a full bar.