In a few weeks my oldest son and his wife and their son will be moving – to Guam – for three or four years. Part of me is very excited for them and part dreads it. The couple who just celebrated four short years of marriage will have been married most of a decade when they get back. The toddler I saw last week will be in school. “The Plan” had been after graduation from college they would move to Texas and we would be one big happy family. Well we all know how plans go. The son decided to follow another dream and joined the Navy and they went to Charleston, SC for training. That has finally come to an end and it is time to join the real Navy – in Guam – on a submarine. They are, in a way, following a family tradition. When I was three we moved to Chile for two years. When we came home we brought a new little brother. Liz and I were married while stationed in England. We brought home our daughter. Shortly after that we went to Germany for three years and brought home this son. We then ended up in Texas which bills itself as “Like a whole other country.” Had a second son there. Our daughter-in-law’s parents took the family to Belgium for a year. We did all this before the Internet made communications cheap and easy and we survived. Our families came to visit and we plan on going to Guam. It will be hard on everyone but should also be grand for them. Hopefully their family will grow while they are there. Hopefully they will examine Guam from end to end and find the parts not dominated by US culture and worse military culture. Hopefully the will get back to SCUBA diving and learn to sail. Hopefully the DIL will use her teaching degree to enlighten the lives of young children. Hopefully they will live this to the hilt. I read once that most often late in life people regret what they did not do, not what they did do. Please don’t leave Guam with regrets. We love you and will miss you but be happy for you too.