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Day 7 – Final Thoughts

We stopped at a couple of floating gift shops on the way home. One with jungle animals to hold. 

The other a little tamer. 

Then back to the city where the port was jammed. 

Every few minutes a street vendor tried to come on board to sell us something. They are everywhere and there are not a lot of tourists. They are selling to other Brazilians. 

The boat on our left was loading stuff to carry up river. Someone was doing paperwork but given how it was all shoved in I don’t see how stuff gets to the right place. 

We saw a tugboat pushing two barges full of semitrailers. One was FedEx!  Apparently they go somewhere up river and are emptied and/or loaded and come back by river. 

I won’t call this life changing for me as I’m very stubborn but it has certainly made me think. I might have changed another persons life. Rex left an order for more small boats. We’ll see what happens. 

I will be back. 


Oracle thin client and Coldfusion

Don’t forget to put the path to the ojdbc file in the Java classpath.

New House

We finally came to the realization we wouldn’t be able to agree on the details of how to build so we found a house to purchase instead. We close on March 26th and will be moved in by the end of the month. The house was built in 2009 and has four bedrooms and three and a half baths and we are stealing it because the builder needs to get rid of it. For those of you familiar with Bastrop it is in Tahitian Village. Currently there are no houses around it and I think we’ll be clear for awhile. It sits on two lots so we will always have a buffer to our east. On the west is a five acre lot that does have a house but the entrance to that lot is on a different street and there is a sizable hill right next to us so not likely to have any building there.

There is a two car garage on the right, you can just see the corner

The fire came through here and we will be removing a lot of trees because of that. Most are dead ones but a few live ones that are just too close to the house for comfort. The fire actually burned the A/C units and cracked some windows but that has all been repaired.

More pictures can be seen here.

My stupid, smart, annoying, funny dog

Annie is almost certainly a Miniature Pinscher (Min-Pin) with severe separation anxiety which makes her a giant pain to live with because she barks whenever anybody leaves, I mean anybody. The pizza guy gets barked at when he shows up and when he leaves.

We have had pretty good success with telling her to “get the ball” or “get the man” and she goes and gets the right toy. Today Liz was in the living room and I was in the office when Liz told Annie to “get the ball.” Annie came racing to the office and looked under the table, then she saw the pile of toys and ran over to it. First she picked up the man and almost took off but she stopped, dropped it, and grabbed the ball. Then she brought it to me instead of going back to Liz but it was still pretty cool to watch.

Lost a Friend Today

Billy Taylor is the reason I came back to Austin from Omaha. Not for personal reasons but because he hired me to handle the web portion of a company he was a co-founder of. The only obvious thing we had in common was our age, in nearly every other area we were most unlike each other. But we both liked solving problems and the challenges of a startup in a new industry. I’m proud to say we pioneered digital publishing.

Under his mentoring I went from lonely web guy in 2000 to Director of Development in 2006. I’ll always appreciate the things I learned from him.

Rest well friend.

A Little Adventure

First the back story.

Liz and Erin were supposed to go on a road trip with the kids and were going to take the Tahoe. This would have left Ian with no way to get to work. I realized we had Liz’s motor scooter in the shed and it simply needed to go in for a service to get it running. Then I could use it in Dallas to get to work while Ian used my truck to get to his work.

Vespa of Austin was temporarily out of business so couldn’t do the repairs but I found a dealership in Dallas to do the work and trailered the scooter up here to get the work done. Fortunately for Ian and I the trip got canceled because the scooter wasn’t ready until the end of the week I would have needed to use it. The most aggravating part was that all they actually had to do was replace the battery. All the fluids that I had assumed would need to be drained and replaced were just fine including the full tank of fuel. Expensive lesson.

Now for the adventure. While hauling the scooter back to Smithville the trailer had a tire shred in Elgin. Fortunately I was only 25 miles from home so I thought that I could drive slowly and things would be fine. It would take a few hours to get there but it was late and I didn’t want to have Liz come and get me. After a quarter of a mile I realized this plan was not going to work and pulled in to the big strip mall in Elgin and tried to figure out plan B. I didn’t want to leave the scooter and trailer there when it dawned on my I had a spare vehicle. I rolled the scooter off the trailer and rode it home and arrived a mere 15 minutes behind schedule. Of course now I am again wishing I had a motorcycle.

Firefly part II

So shortly after writing the last post I watched the rest of the series and the movie Serenity. The show had potential, the movie explored some interesting things, although Mal’s dialog/delivery just got worse. They more or less guaranteed they couldn’t bring the show back even if the movie had been a major hit by killing one, maybe two, critical characters. I think they could have gotten past the death of the Shepard but killing Wash pretty much killed the show.

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