Today will be fishing and swimming and getting ready to head back to Manaus. We are adding six or eight passengers. Missionaries and ones in training that are heading home after a week in the village. 

Oh, there are in fact pirhana in these waters. 

No new revelations for me so far but a reminder that I need to work on simplifying my life. Remove distractions, pay down debt, spend less, need less, find the right person to share it with. 

I see these villagers and I question what Europeans have brought them. A dependency on the outside world. A total loss of their culture. I’ve met people in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s some of whom could work me in to the ground if I tried to keep up with them. 

I hear people talk about doing medical missions in to the deep jungle to bring care. I don’t think I agree with that. Those people have been fine for thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of years. If the mortality rate is reduced will that strain their resources? Will that bring a dependency on the outside world? Will that destroy another culture in order to “help” them and bring them Christianity?

Olivia came back today. Happy smiling little girl. 

Yesterday when we were talking to Mr. Manuel the 72 year old canoe builder I asked if he could make toy sized ones, eighteen to 24″ long. He said sure so we placed orders for three. We went back today and he hadn’t been able to. He couldn’t scale it down. Rex and LaDonna ordered something larger to pick up this evening. When they went to pick it up one of his sons had built the boat. He’d seen his father getting frustrated and decided he could do it. Rex complimented the work and then pointed out the son had a good teacher to which son agreed. This brought some pride to Manuel and might have helped heal a relationship. Then the grandson told him “I can make the little ones while you make the big ones.” Maybe that’s why I’m here.