Manaus has a population of about 2.5 million. One two lane blacktop road goes to Venezuela. Other than that everything comes in and out by boat or airplane.  
People everywhere. Thousands of small motorcycles. Federal Police inspection stations where we sometimes get stopped for seatbelt checks and the drivers paperwork. 

Political problems in Venezuela pushing refugees here. Crowds of them living under overpasses. 

Going threw the rain forest in the way to the falls we go up and down small hills. At the bottom of every valley water flows. Sometimes just a trickle. Sometimes a small river. Nicer spots have what appear to be swimming holes and restaurants. 
Driveways, all with gates, show up regularly, although fewer as we get farther away from Manaus. One very well kept one had a barbed wire gauntlet to run before the gate. No signs. 

Fried manioc (cassava). 

We also had beef and fish for lunch. Excellent food. 

Both sets of falls were great. Long hike to get to them but beautiful areas. Funny to think of it as rain forest and exotic. I suspect you might find similar places in parts of the U. S., minus the monkeys we saw at the second falls. 

We wrapped it up with Burgers at Jhonny’s. Excellent food again. (And that is spelled correctly.)