0745: I’m the first one awake. All packed and ready. Today is all travel. The longest leg is only five hours but we won’t be there until nearly 10:00 PM CST. 
0940: Through security and waiting for the plane. Aggie in front of me got a full bag check after the x-ray. He had bug spray and shampoo and lots of other liquids. Idiot. 
1040: Taxiing for take off. Apparently WordPress for iOS doesn’t let you access a draft even though you can save one. Hopefully I can recover the earlier parts from the web. (I did. It involved connecting to my desktop from my phone. Bringing up Firefox. Going to WordPress. Finding the draft. Copying the contents to the Notes application on my Mac which then automatically updated Notes on my phone where I’m editing this.)
Just announced a 15 minute delay for take off and we have a fairly tight connection in Dallas. 
1215: Made it with a few minutes to spare. 
In the midst off all this I’m selling one house and buying another. Doing paperwork on the phone. Amazingly good that I can get to pay stubs and tax returns electronically. No stress. 
Gotta love it when the safety briefing video fails. 
0119 the next day. Obviously we made it. Rex and crew met us at the airport. Staying at the Intercity hotel. Nice place. The adventure starts at 1015 in the morning. Goodnight all.