90% of Americans are not happy with congress (Gallup) yet we will reelect these clowns. I have a simple to comprehend solution for this but it will take a great deal of intestinal fortitude by the electorate.

You see, the problem is that while people believe we should “vote the bastards out” they don’t mean their own bastard. If your congressperson is of the party you like then it is likely you believe they are doing OK and it is everyone else that sucks. Thus when the next election comes around you vote that person back in. Guess what, they ARE part of the problem.

We need to send a simple and strong message to our elected officials by turning out half the house and a third of the Senate at the next election. If they don’t straighten up and fly right after that we do it again and again and again. The polls are the ultimate term limits tool and the only one we need. Face it if we actually got a responsible bunch of people in there shouldn’t we keep them as long as possible.

Now comes the hard part. At the next primary if your party is in power in your district you need to vote against the incumbent. I’m talking the primary here so hopefully that isn’t too painful. If you succeed in removing the incumbent at the primary level your job is done and you can continue to vote for your party in the general election. Now comes the really hard part. If the incumbent wins the primary you will have to vote for someone outside your party in the general election. Preferably for someone who has a chance of wining. Typically that means crossing party lines and voting for the person you can’t stand.

The point here is not to put a particular party in power it is to remind congress who the boss is, we the people, not we the corporations.

Simple solution, hard to make happen.

BTW those 10% that are happy with congress should have their voter registration cards revoked. 🙂