1.Select the folder in the project that contained the deleted files.
2.Right click, select Team > Merge…
3.On the URL tab, set the URL to the server URL for the same folder.
4.In Revisions, select Revisions and enter a range that includes the deletion, e.g. 1000-1001, or use the Browse button to select them.
5.In Revisions, enable Reversed merge
6.Click Preview and check that it shows an Added entry for the files you plan to restore.
7.Click OK – Eclipse switches to SVN Merge in the Synchronize view.
8.In the Synchronize view, right click the files you want and select Accept
9.In the Synchronize view, use the Synchronize SVN icon to switch from SVN Merge to SVN, where you can see the restored file as an outgoing change.