We finally came to the realization we wouldn’t be able to agree on the details of how to build so we found a house to purchase instead. We close on March 26th and will be moved in by the end of the month. The house was built in 2009 and has four bedrooms and three and a half baths and we are stealing it because the builder needs to get rid of it. For those of you familiar with Bastrop it is in Tahitian Village. Currently there are no houses around it and I think we’ll be clear for awhile. It sits on two lots so we will always have a buffer to our east. On the west is a five acre lot that does have a house but the entrance to that lot is on a different street and there is a sizable hill right next to us so not likely to have any building there.

There is a two car garage on the right, you can just see the corner

The fire came through here and we will be removing a lot of trees because of that. Most are dead ones but a few live ones that are just too close to the house for comfort. The fire actually burned the A/C units and cracked some windows but that has all been repaired.

More pictures can be seen here.