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House Buying Nonsense

This is my 135th post which according to WordPress is some sort of milestone so I hope this is worthy of it.

I’m not sure just how long mortgage companies and title companies and insurance companies have been working together to make it possible for us little people to purchase a house but I’m thinking it has been decades, maybe even over 100 years, maybe even longer. You’d think they would really have all the kinks worked out and yet today I get CC’ed on the following e-mail from our insurance company to one of the two people from the mortgage company we are working with.

Hi Daniel,
I received the Evidence of Ins[urance] request you sent me yesterday, sorry I was not able to respond to you until today as I was out of the office yesterday.

I also received an Evidence of Ins[urance] request form from Sandra P, the information is a little different on her form.
So I need to verify which Evidence of Insurance Request form I should be using and whom should I correspond with on the Closing.

Is there an Appraisal available? If so can you Email me a copy.

Sandra gave me the following info.
Closing Date 03/15/2012
Name and address of the mortgage company

This raises several questions. Why are multiple people from the mortgage company conversing with the insurance company? Why are the two mortgage company people asking for or providing “slightly different” information? Why doesn’t Sandra know the closing date is 3/26/2012 and not 3/15/2012? And outside of this exchange why has Sandra been asking me for documentation I supplied to Daniel a couple of weeks ago?

I’ve also had to supply a copy of the canceled check for the earnest money. I guess the mortgage company doesn’t trust the title company.

We are talking multi-billion dollar corporations here and yet this kind of crap happens.

Last time we went through this e-mail wasn’t as pervasive as it is today so we wouldn’t have been included on the minutia and I guess they handled this all by phone and fax. Amazing anything got done. On the other hand it is also amazing that with all the new technology it still takes 30 days to close typically.

I can’t wait for the end of March and yet I’ll still be crossing my fingers that somewhere someone hasn’t screwed up about the payoff of the old house and we won’t suddenly be told we still owe on it. I’ve read about this happening in this whole foreclosure mess.


New House

We finally came to the realization we wouldn’t be able to agree on the details of how to build so we found a house to purchase instead. We close on March 26th and will be moved in by the end of the month. The house was built in 2009 and has four bedrooms and three and a half baths and we are stealing it because the builder needs to get rid of it. For those of you familiar with Bastrop it is in Tahitian Village. Currently there are no houses around it and I think we’ll be clear for awhile. It sits on two lots so we will always have a buffer to our east. On the west is a five acre lot that does have a house but the entrance to that lot is on a different street and there is a sizable hill right next to us so not likely to have any building there.

There is a two car garage on the right, you can just see the corner

The fire came through here and we will be removing a lot of trees because of that. Most are dead ones but a few live ones that are just too close to the house for comfort. The fire actually burned the A/C units and cracked some windows but that has all been repaired.

More pictures can be seen here.

Finally Finished the Placemats

I actually finished them over the weekend. I’m not happy with them, I made too many mistakes but at least I learned a lot too. Now I get to move on to a pure “art” project. A wall hanging where I’m just going to try random weaving techniques to see how they look.


The intent was for them to be solid green with the red stripe but because I didn’t lay the weft in properly I wasn’t able to beat it down enough and that let the warp show through.Image

The hem

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