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My stupid, smart, annoying, funny dog

Annie is almost certainly a Miniature Pinscher (Min-Pin) with severe separation anxiety which makes her a giant pain to live with because she barks whenever anybody leaves, I mean anybody. The pizza guy gets barked at when he shows up and when he leaves.

We have had pretty good success with telling her to “get the ball” or “get the man” and she goes and gets the right toy. Today Liz was in the living room and I was in the office when Liz told Annie to “get the ball.” Annie came racing to the office and looked under the table, then she saw the pile of toys and ran over to it. First she picked up the man and almost took off but she stopped, dropped it, and grabbed the ball. Then she brought it to me instead of going back to Liz but it was still pretty cool to watch.


Lost a Friend Today

Billy Taylor is the reason I came back to Austin from Omaha. Not for personal reasons but because he hired me to handle the web portion of a company he was a co-founder of. The only obvious thing we had in common was our age, in nearly every other area we were most unlike each other. But we both liked solving problems and the challenges of a startup in a new industry. I’m proud to say we pioneered digital publishing.

Under his mentoring I went from lonely web guy in 2000 to Director of Development in 2006. I’ll always appreciate the things I learned from him.

Rest well friend.

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