November 4th, 2011. The last day of my first week of officially telecommuting. Granted I did this after the fire and when my truck was in the shop but this is the first week of “my rules.” I am at my desk by 6:00 AM thanks to Liz having to be out of the house before then for her job. I make myself available until 6:00 PM. You are going “What the heck, a 12 hour work day, are you crazy?” Well no I’m not. Depending on what is going on I could work 12 or more hours, this is high-tech after all, but that schedule allows me up to a four hour stretch of my own time in the middle of the day. On Tuesday I went to a friends studio and threw some pots and spent a lot of time talking to people. It was great. I’ve dealt with potential builders, the team clearing our property, gone in to town to just look around. It is really cool. I plan on not letting it happen but I made it clear to my boss to not let things fester if he thinks I’m not holding up my end of the bargain. He told me that he liked me and my work too much to let it get to the point of festering. That is a hard thing to live up to. Most of my hardware is cooperating and I need to do some rearrangement in the office but I’m digging this.

This, for once, is an expected change. Back in May I started a job at AT&T which is documented here. which lead to another job which lead to a part-time job working for my direct boss at the current job. Yeah, only slightly confusing. W (no not GWB) and I hit it off really well at AT&T and when he quickly moved on to a regular full-time job he asked me to join him. I gave him one condition. I had to be able to work from home starting in November when my lease in Dallas was up. Didn’t know that “home” would be a new address at the time but that is how life works. Frankly the place we are working doesn’t have the potential we thought it did but W has his own company on the side which has much greater potential. So I am working part time there as well for a cash/stock combination of compensation and we plan on it being fairly big within a year. The first goal is 1,000 customers at $10 a month (do the math). More details to come.