I’m sure that seem like a strange title to be associated with the fire but this is a little vignette about how life flows. First the back story.

The Sunday after the fire started we were well aware that the house and everything else was gone. I suggested to Liz we go out to Yarnorama in Paige to see about getting her some new needles and some yarn for knitting. When we got there Susan came out and told us they were closed because she and her husband were living there as they had been evacuated because of the fire. Liz said “we were burned out” and Susan said “come on in.” We had a very nice conversation with her about our experience and Liz losing all her knitting, quilting, sewing stuff and what things had been like for them and other people. Liz bought some stuff and we went on our way.

Now the rest of the story.

Over the past couple of weeks Liz and I had both heard that Yarnorama had been collecting supplies for textile artisans and that we should go out there so Liz could get some supplies.

Today we went because I wanted to get information on weaving since I won’t be able to pot for awhile plus it give Liz a chance to get some yarn. Liz got a huge bag full of yarn, I bought a loom and have a class next Sunday to teach me the basics of using it and Susan told us about the outpouring of support she received from all over the country, as far away as Alaska, in support of textile artists in Bastrop. Half her shop had been filled twice to overflowing with donations including things like spinning wheels and looms. A teacher in Giddings organized a group of students to knit blankets and Susan shipped two truck loads of yarn and supplies to them. At one point she had so much stuff in the shop she was at a standstill because she just didn’t know how to deal with the amount of stuff she had. Another group of people have been knitting things like towels and wash clothes. One group is doing sweaters and hats, winter is coming.

So what sparked her in to doing this? Well I’m sure it would have happened anyway because sooner or later someone else would have come along and told her about being burned out but she told us today it was our visit that made her realize she needed to do something to help.

I love this community.