Fires of various sizes continue to pop up. Most are small and quickly contained but a several hundred acre fire ignited yesterday and with light winds blowing north it created a small panic because it was going into unburned territory. It seems to be mostly under control at this point.

Driving out 71 to the property, can’t call it “the house” anymore, is weird. The electric COOP is clearing their right of way in a a big way. A few houses along the highway have been cleared away. A large batch of dead trees has been cleared on the south side of the highway and a surveyor was working. That one really scares me. I am afraid that developers might take advantage of loosened rules to stick in subdivisions.

We have a quote from a company to clear the lot. It seems like a lot of work and it comes in under what the insurance company will pay. The company is recommended by a friend which is good. Although in the “it’s a small world” department the guy who did the estimate is the nephew of people who used to live near us. Hopefully he didn’t pick up any of the weird genes.

On the 15th we are going to Italy, TX to an open house from The Monolithic Dome Institute to see about a concrete dome for a home. At first reading that sounds ugly but a lot of cool things can be done with this including an partial torus (horseshoe) shape that we are interested in.

We got the keys to the apartment on Tuesday and Liz and Ian moved all the stuff from the car to the apartment. We spent the weekend shopping for “stuff” so there was a couple of thousand dollars worth of stuff in the Tahoe and I had this vision of it being stolen or wrecked. Friday the beds and living room furniture arrive and they will officially move in. I’ll be there on Saturday with the first shipment of stuff coming back from Dallas. We have a dining room table and a table for the office plus the key parts of my pottery gear. A big save was our digital SLR. I haven’t used it but I did bring it up here.

Life goes on. We have puppies for anyone interested.