We’ve done some sifting. As I mentioned before we found some rings that were important to Liz. They were just in a little jewelry box laying in the ashes. Liz also found a Madonna that had been her mother’s, again, just laying there. We did find one of the fire proof boxes. Unfortunately they are not crush proof and once crushed the stuff inside burns anyway.

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Clearly brass/bronze and ceramics can survive. Almost all of the damaged to the ceramics came from things falling on them. Other interesting things were puddles of aluminum that I finally figured out were the window frames. The recognizable 35mm camera is a Minolta from the mid-80’s. On it’s right is the image screen from an early 2000’s Nikon 35mm SLR, all that survived from the primarily plastic camera. We also had lots of metal rings from late model lenses where the plastic bits are gone. The big glob of green glass is from the fish tank. Poor rufus our 15 year old spotted raphael catfish. He moved from Texas to Nebraska and back. He was in my office at work for several years too.

I am back in Dallas for work and this weekend is a party weekend for Liz and I. Although we are going to different parties. Liz will be at the Austin Scooter Club Riff Raff rally but she won’t have her shirt from the first rally. I’ll be at the Sherwood Forest Celtic Festival .

We are beginning to look for builders and hoping that our neighbors will rebuild as well. We got the number from a sign that said “We build homes that don’t burn.”