We got to see what is left of our house today. Not much as you can see. The before picture is a little dated in that the shrubs and grass were gone from in front of the house and we had a garden there. You can tell from the trees and the front porch pillar that the angle is roughly the same.


A little dated. Shrubs and grass had been converted to a garden.


Pretty much the same angle as the original.

None of our sheds remain standing, it was a neighbors chicken coop that the other neighbor had seen.

Some pottery survived. Of the 10 pieces I had glazed Sunday morning three remained unbroken and will one day be kiln fired instead of house fired. We found a jewelry box with Liz’ mother’s wedding band and grandmother’s engagement ring.

I’m not entirely sure what I want to say, my mind is a little numb right now.

Front View


Well Fired

Shepard's Hook

Slightly melted but still useable


We saw birds using it


The remains of a garden hose


Our winged pig and door knocker.

Ceramic Mushrooms

Ceramic mushrooms from the garden

Not Dead Yet

The sticker means search and rescue has been here and no bodies.


These clearly opened after the fire went past. One of the survival mechanisms for the Loblolly Pine.

More Hope

Going to need a new mower soon.

Tomorrow we go back with a sifter and shovel to see if we can find a few more things but I am pretty sure the “fireproof” boxes burned.

Except for the first two all of these pictures were taken by Liz McKee.