Today we found a Facebook page with pictures from our area. The firefighter is being “nice” and only showing standing homes. However when you see several homes from near yours and don’t see yours it isn’t comforting, only confusing. I’m not on the main street so maybe he didn’t go down ours. On the other hand two house on our corner weren’t pictured either. Places across the main drag were shown though so maybe? Very frustrating.

Talked to the insurance again. Next we have a very emotional exercise to go through. Start listing what was lost. Furniture and pots and pans are no big deal but then you think about the antique tea cups that can’t be replaced and really can’t be priced. Or the three boxes of pictures I thought about yesterday and other mementos that even if you could find the exact same thing it wouldn’t be since it wasn’t the one you inherited from someone.

Just looking for some closure here. Need to know if the house is gone or standing so we can start moving on.