Things are still burning around here and specifically where we lived. It looks like our daughter’s in-laws will be OK but it is still really close to them.

We have personally been fortunate in that we got our pets and photos out and have a place to live. We also have adequate insurance coverage and are simply waiting for confirmation that the house is gone to move forward on that front. We did try to get an apartment today and are on a waiting list but I’m sure we will work something out. It was heart rending going to one of the shelters today to get some information and seeing the people who have to stay there.

The generosity of people I have known over the years has been overwhelming. We’ve had offers of everything from money to loaner SCUBA gear and places to stay from complete strangers. We appreciate every offer and I am so ashamed to not have realized what good friends I have. Because we are doing OK ourselves we urge people to donate to their local volunteer fire departments. These are the life blood of fire and emergency services in rural areas and the vast majority of fire fighters in Texas are volunteers. Not to mention the last legislative session cut state funding by 70% in the middle of a record breaking drought.

On the plus side the Bastrop Complex Fire is now 30% contained and a fire line set in our largest subdivision appears to be holding. The wind has died for now although I have heard that it is supposed to pick up again before the weekend. The down side of the wind dropping is that smoke is drifting everywhere now and that is worsened by a temperature inversion that is holding the hot air close to the ground.

Sadly two bodies have been found. They are not emergency services personnel is all we have been told so far. The county is starting to identify homes that have been damaged or totally lost so some people will be able to start moving forward.

Texas will recover and we personally will probably rebuild in the same place. We are however looking in to greener and more fire resistant construction.