Sitting on my daughters front porch with an orange glow off to the east. Wish it was the sunrise but that is still hours away. Liz and I snuck back to the house to pick up a few more things. Several of the neighbors were there so we stood around and watched the fire and had some beer. Then the venting propane tanks started to sound real close and we could hear ammunition exploding as people’s homes burned. The glow, to our west from that location, was getting wider. Texas Kiln Products, lumber mill, was burning quite brightly but you would also see the glow increase when a new structure was engulfed. When we could hear the fire and ash started dropping on us we all decided it was time to go. Well not all. One woman refused to go. I don’t know why. She hasn’t lived here that long and recently she and her husband put the house up for sale. I hope she is OK. I hope my home is there tomorrow, assuming I can even go check.