This morning we headed back out to our house and went in the back way like last night. We got almost to our street when we were stopped by fire. Slowly burning through the pine needles on the ground. Nothing fierce but all it needed to do was get up in to the trees and it would be bad. We turned around and headed out to the highway where we met some firefighters. They were aware of the fire we had seen but undermanned. We asked them about our area and they told us it was gone.

We went in to Smithville to register with the evacuation center so they would know we were safe. Luckily we ran in to the husband of the woman who wouldn’t leave last night and he said the firefighters had convinced her to leave and she was OK. They had gotten separated when he went to get money at the ATM and they closed the roads before he came back.

So now we wait. Highway 71 is still closed between Bastrop and Smithville. The park fire and the Tahitian Village fire have merged and continue to march south. Zero percent contained at last report. Plus a new fire has started north of the city of Bastrop on highway 95 in the Lake Bastrop Acres subdivision. There is no longer any point trying to go in the “back door” since it is burning. These are only the “local” fires. There are more in neighboring counties and all across the state.

We did get our important photos out and all of the pets except the fish. Poor Rufus, we have had him nearly 15 years. A lot of my pottery equipment is at my apartment in Dallas but Liz has lost all of her quilting and knitting equipment. We did save the quilt she has been working on for Conor and Amanda. Obviously we have lost somethings we wished we had saved, mementos, but we are unhurt and so far there are no reported deaths in a fire that has consumed hundreds of homes.