First the back story.

Liz and Erin were supposed to go on a road trip with the kids and were going to take the Tahoe. This would have left Ian with no way to get to work. I realized we had Liz’s motor scooter in the shed and it simply needed to go in for a service to get it running. Then I could use it in Dallas to get to work while Ian used my truck to get to his work.

Vespa of Austin was temporarily out of business so couldn’t do the repairs but I found a dealership in Dallas to do the work and trailered the scooter up here to get the work done. Fortunately for Ian and I the trip got canceled because the scooter wasn’t ready until the end of the week I would have needed to use it. The most aggravating part was that all they actually had to do was replace the battery. All the fluids that I had assumed would need to be drained and replaced were just fine including the full tank of fuel. Expensive lesson.

Now for the adventure. While hauling the scooter back to Smithville the trailer had a tire shred in Elgin. Fortunately I was only 25 miles from home so I thought that I could drive slowly and things would be fine. It would take a few hours to get there but it was late and I didn’t want to have Liz come and get me. After a quarter of a mile I realized this plan was not going to work and pulled in to the big strip mall in Elgin and tried to figure out plan B. I didn’t want to leave the scooter and trailer there when it dawned on my I had a spare vehicle. I rolled the scooter off the trailer and rode it home and arrived a mere 15 minutes behind schedule. Of course now I am again wishing I had a motorcycle.