Well the plan worked. The contract job at AT&T has lead to a full-time job. Not just any job it has two of the three things I was looking for except that I was hoping for a job with any ONE of those things. It is a start up and once November roles around I’ll be working from home. I don’t think we will be changing the world the way GPS and digital publishing did though. Serendipity certainly played a big roll in getting this job. The person hiring me is they guy who started at AT&T right after I did. He was looking for full-time permanent employment in the Dallas area and came across this company. He is going to focus on IT infrastructure and the database while I handle the web work. The great part is that he is also very strong on ColdFusion so he can answer my questions about the newer versions and I am strong enough on the DB side to be of help to him.

The company is ClinicApps.com and it will start out doing template based web sites for chiropractors. Not terribly exciting per se but I will be learning a lot about jQuery and the latest version of ColdFusion. I really want to work hard at making sure the sites don’t look like templates. The idea is to deliver the web sites for free and then up charge for educational add-ons. Down the road the owner wants to move into web-based office management software and after that on to other vertical markets like dentists or veterinary offices. The plus he has in this space is that he currently is the equipment supplier to 14,000 chiropractors and feels that gives him a large customer base out the door.

The only down side is that the office is 26 miles from where I am living right now. While that is considerably less than I drove from Smithville to the north side of Austin there is also considerably more traffic and a toll road. Oh well, in a few short months my commute will be from the bedroom to the kitchen to my home office.