By Wednesday afternoon of last week there was another new CF developer so I am no longer the newest guy. Our laptops showed up Thursday and most of my permissions were in place Friday. Monday I actually got assigned some work and am chugging through it now. The particular development framework that is being used, Fusebox 3, also known as Mach III, is really bad. Frameworks are supposed to make life simpler and this one simply gets in the way. Of course we are working on a system started over five years ago and most of the original team is gone so we are all poking around trying to figure out what is going on.

The team seems pretty sharp. We have all the characters. The guy who has been here forever, the foreign guy, the talented but a bit full of himself guy, the old guy with a war story for everything who about has a heart attack if he has to walk from the far parking lot because he is so over weight. I am sure I fit some stereotype too. From what I have seen so far though it does look like they all know what they are doing so hopefully we can get this thing under control.

The database is a bigger mess than I imagined. Because of the lack of primary keys text values that are used as labels for things like severity are then carried along and stored as string literals in a data record about a specific event. My current task is to change a bunch of the labels which means a report run against the new values will not bring back any of the data with the old values. Naturally the next thing we will have to do is a manual update to change the ‘old’ data.

I am the first to admit that code I wrote five years ago would be written differently today so I don’t hold that against people and every DBA has to start somewhere but it really feels like the entire team that started this project were beginners in their respective fields.