So I watched the first episode of this failed but cult hit TV series. Given that a lot of people I know love it I am withholding total judgement. For those of you unfamiliar with it imagine Gunsmoke meets Starwars. OK it is nine years old at this point but come on some of the dialog is really bad. If you don’t know how to say y’all don’t say it. Frankly I don’t know if it is the presentation of the 1890’s dialog next to contemporary dialog that is bad or just the presentation period. I’ll give it a few more episodes but so far I am less than impressed. If the technology of your planet only supports horses for transportation it doesn’t mean you have to dress like the old west. The problem that Lucas ran in to in Starwars I (or maybe II) was that he had aliens in specific outfits that matched the earth stereotypes of the accents they had. Had Jarjar Binks spoken like one of the asian looking characters and vice-versa there would have been less to bitch about. I see this show headed in the same direction.