First a couple of side notes. The link to track where we might be is gone because of a lack of support for some jailbroken iPhone functionality. The developer just got “too busy.”

My daughter-in-law (DIL) Amanda has a new blog at Submariner Wife Life. It is also listed in the side bar.

At this moment I am in Smithville and Liz is in west Texas (not to be confused with West, Texas which is north of here). She is headed to Las Vegas. We both got certified as mentors (trainers) and the idea is that one of us will go out with a student for six weeks, then we both go together for a month and then switch. Naturally they didn’t have a student for her this time but she has decided, or rationalized, that this is a good thing for her since she hasn’t driven alone in a long time and needs to relearn the process. Hopefully after she makes this delivery they can round up a student.

In the mean time, along with just chilling out a little, I am job hunting. Our lease on the truck comes up at the end of May and at the point we have to make some decisions about the future one of which would be to renew the lease through the end of 2013. If the slip seating we are talking about works that wouldn’t be too bad but Liz would really like to just get out of the truck. I have two major companies I am looking at contract positions with, one in Dallas and one in Newtown, PA, just west of Trenton, NJ. Naturally I am hoping the Dallas, well Richardson actually, one works out. It doesn’t pay quite as much but they are getting a ton of overtime and it is closer to home. After the contracts are up I’ll be current in my experience and hopefully can find something closer to home. Both companies look like they bring in contractors for a short time to try them out and then extend the contracts indefinitely so that is always a fall back too.

So contrary to rumors ColdFusion is far from dead, frankly I’m not sure why the rates aren’t a little better as it appears to be hard to find CF developers.