We have carried a wide variety of stuff from crushed milk jugs to food to TVs and now iPads. It is very strange how different loads are treated by the shippers.

There is a designation within our company called a “high value” load. The shipper pays extra and someone keeps a closer eye on us and we have to drive 200 miles before making any stops and we are not allowed to leave the truck alone.

Trailers are “sealed” in various ways, usually a plastic or metal loop with a number on it is slipped through a latch on the door. The seal has to be broken to open the door. This way they know no one has been in the trailer from shipper to consignee. Sometimes a hard bolt is used that requires bolt cutters to remove. Cables get wrapped around the latches too. The more stuff they use the more it seems to scream “valuable, steal me.”

In the past few days we have carried 1,100 bottles of premium liquor and $2 – $3 million worth of iPads. The liquor wouldn’t even have had a seal if I didn’t put one of our company ones on it and while the iPad load was designated high value it only had a metal ribbon seal. The load we had with the cable seal and a tracking device in the trailer, it was mouth wash.

I truly don’t understand this industry.