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Stuck in Missouri

So you ask “Why are you sitting in a weigh station in Missouri?” Because I am an idiot. When we picked up this load we were told it weighed 35,000 lbs. We went to a scale and it was over on the tandems (trailer tires). I did the math to calculate how far we had to shift the tandems and did it. Since we were not going to drop the load at a terminal I didn’t bother to re-weigh. I also never noticed the total weight, 81,360 lbs. Thirteen hundred pounds over legal maximum. Had I seen this rather important detail I would have taken the load back to the shipper to get stuff removed.

When we got to the first weigh station in Missouri it was open and we got pulled in. Of course we failed the weigh and to make it worse Liz was driving so even though it was my fault she got the ticket.

We spent the night here, got pizza delivered which was a bit weird. In a couple of hours another truck will show up to take part of the load. We then still have to make the delivery nine hours away. I hope the other driver has enough hours available to finish today.

Beginning to doubt we will make it home for Thanksgiving. Not sure what this will do to my driving career or my marriage.



Olivia filling her baby brothers handmade blanket with love.

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