Calling the Tea Party racist is stupid. They are not a party like the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc. that have national organizations that can be held accountable for actions taken in the name of the group. There is a group called Tea Party Federation that is something of a clearing house but I have also read that they don’t want a national organization. The NAACP is afraid of one thing, a conservative backlash to Obama. Inevitably that backlash would push our country far to the right and minority groups don’t want that. So they get out a broad brush and paint all TPers as racist. Got news for you, there are racists in all parties and even among minorities. When you are 100 years old and vote for the first time because the candidate is black, well half black anyway, that is racist. When you are black and vote against a black candidate because you don’t like what they stand for that is progress. BTW I voted for Obama so don’t send the label this way.