We picked up a load today that at first seemed normal but that changed as we left the facility. We got read a list of rules that made it clear this was a high value load even though we had not been told anything in our preplan or dispatch. When I questioned our dispatch about it I got instructed to call in for a verbal dispatch. Now I got even more instructions including a number to call when we left the facility, oops that was 60 miles and 90 minutes ago, plus every time we stop and start. I called the number and they wanted my trip ID. Sorry, no clue what that is. In the end the truck number was OK.

The whole thing as aggravated by the fact that we are both low on hours and so can’t keep the truck rolling non-stop. Frankly I don’t think we should have been assigned this load but since no one looks at all the data we send about hours worked they had no idea we were getting low. We did tell them we only had 20 hours, instead of 22, we could work starting at eight this evening but that didn’t seem to phase them. Fortunately there is a company facility enroute were we are parked and can sit until tomorrow when our hours recover a little and there is enough wiggle room in the delivery time to support this.

However on Monday I am demanding to know how this happened because had we screwed up to a similar degree we would be in deep doodoo.

UPDATE: The person I talked to today at the trailer tracking company told me he has no record of us and there is no need to call. Oh brother.