We really do live in America the Beautiful. I have traveled about 100,000 miles since last August to nearly every part of the lower 48 and nearly every where most of the time is something beautiful or interesting or historic or fun or …

Yesterday in central and south Texas spring was going strong with wild flowers every where. West Texas is greening up too. Tomorrow it looks like we might see a lot if snow in the northwest.

Last week we saw the same kind of range in the east.

We drive past civil war battle fields, revolutionary war monuments, museums for pinball and Barbie and science and natural history and presidents and everything else you can think of.

I guarantee that within 500 road miles of your home are many things you want to see or do. GO DO AND SEE THEM. Turn that next three day weekend in to a four day one and go somewhere. It won’t cost all that much and it will create great memories. Plus just imagine the boost to the economy.