I read recently, naturally can’t find the reference now, that Blogging by the average Joe is off 20% from 2008. The advent of Twitter and the increase in Facebook popularity was mentioned as the main reason. Although it was pointed out that it is so much easier to simply spit our 140 characters or less instead of stringing together actual paragraphs. I would like to suggest it is simply because most of us don’t really have anything interesting to say. Take this Blog for instance. When I started it there was a lot to talk about because I was changing my life dramatically and there were specific things to cover like school, going out the mentor, driving on my own, getting used to driving with my wife, the insanity of the industry, etc. Now however things are settling in to a routine. You don’t really want to hear about the latest pissing contest with our driver manager and I don’t particularly want to rehash it. We are doing fewer and fewer new things so less to talk about. The obvious place this is going is that while I am not shutting this Blog down it will not be updated all that often unless something truly interesting happens. The Twitter feed will continue so you can see small events without actually following me.

We did do one new thing the other day. We went to a grocery warehouse. They are notorious for being unfriendly to drivers. From that standpoint this one wasn’t too bad but they were running two hours behind on their schedule. These warehouses also use a thing called a “lumper.” Lumpers are third parties who unload the trucks. The carrier gets to pay them. That’s right the trucking company pays a third party to unload the stuff we deliver to the consignee. To do this the driver transmits information to a specific department in our company who authorizes the payment. The driver then writes a ComCheck to the lumper or lumper company. A ComCheck is a bank draft that is only good once an authorization code has been issued for it. So the process is:

  1. Dock the truck
  2. Get with lumper to find out how much and other details
  3. Contact our company for an OK
  4. Write ComCheck and give to lumper
  5. Lumper contacts ComData to make sure check is good
  6. Lumper unloads truck
  7. Lumper stops for break in the middle
  8. It takes twice as long to unload the truck as it did to load it

This is great as long as you get the authorization but we got back a message saying that nothing could be done until the next morning. This is a senseless and stupid message as it means we would have to take the load out of the consignees property and bring it back the next day. We finally got it straightened out but it is just another example of the lack of efficiency in this industry.