For the most part we like the new truck.  Much smoother ride, bigger beds and mine has a real mattress. Storage is still a problem but after we get home we will reduce some of what we are carrying and see what we can do. All of the controls for the cruise, radio volume, flashing the headlights and marker lights are on the steering wheel so that is real nice. As you can see from the picture the TV us in a good place and it works as a computer monitor quite well. A little hard to tell but when the picture was taken i was downloading e-mail and getting ready to right this post all the time connected to the Internet via my iPhone.  On an EDGE connection this is a little slow but not too bad. I find it amusing that my newest computer uses a TV for the monitor just like my first computer. The computer is the little silver box at the top of the picture

Old Truck

New Truck

Computer Setup

By the way, this was all done while driving through the Arizona and New Mexico deserts at 62 miles an hour over the EDGE connection. Liz was driving.