I haven’t posted because we were actually getting in to a routine. We were getting decent trips and I was adjusting to night driving. After we went to Austin and then back east things fell apart. The length of the trips got shorter which meant pretty much no late night driving. Then we got stuck for a day because of the first mid-Atlantic snowstorm. The next day we talked to drivers and determined that the highway we needed in Virginia was clear so we left Harrisburg, PA and headed south. Our mistake was we did not ask about how the 35 miles that went through Maryland and Virginia were. That took over six hours. Two of it just parked on the highway. There was two inches of snow and ice which meant slow driving, people driving off the road and one case of a truck unable to climb a hill. That is what shut us down for two hours. Once we finally got to Virginia things opened up again.

Of course this all made us a day late for delivery. We had a follow on trip to Florida scheduled and plenty of time to pick it up but someone decided to remove that load from us and so we got stuck for half a day and when we finally got something it was a short haul. We have been running up and down the eastern part of the country for nearly two weeks. We did get to go to Florida so now we have been to 38 of the lower 48 states.

While headed to Indiana from Florida we got a trip that was about 900 miles but had to be picked up 180 miles from our delivery and only 30 minutes after. I contacted the night crew and we worked out that I could pickup late as there was plenty of time to deliver. I just needed to send in a message saying I would be late for the pickup. As I was tired and had time to spare I stopped for a nap. I sent in the message and went to bed When I woke up a couple of hours later I had Been removed from the next load and told someone was on the way to pickup my current load because I was running late. Apparently no one actually reads the messages about being late and didn’t realize everything was under control. I got it sorted out but of course was not given the other load back.

Then we got a trip of 305 miles that went to Chicago. A great replacement for a 900+ mile trip. That is what is unloading now. Fortunately our next load picks up around the corner and goes to Nogales, AZ. Hopefully we can get out of the snow and it will be warmer there.

The irritating theme here is that as drivers we are constantly told to be aware of our surroundings, be on top of things, make sure our paper work is correct, etc. But a planner simply sees a “running late” message and gets to go in to panic mode with out checking the details.