Clearly I have not updated in a long time.  Really not much has been going on. We have actually been keeping busy and getting a fair number of miles. It started out slow. After Conor’s graduation we had made ourselves available on Sunday the 24th but got nothing.  The truck stop we were in only held about 15 trucks and six of them were from our company. Finally Monday afternoon several of us got sent to Columbus, OH as a reposition move. This allowed us to get our “B-Service” done. This is an oil change, lube and other preventive maintenance. That went well and was complete in less than 90 minutes. There can be a two or three day wait at other terminals before you even get looked at. Unfortunately they found a couple of problems that required the regular maintenance shop to look at us and that killed the rest of the day and left us with a very small check for the week. Since then however we have been from Columbus to Laredo to Atlanta to Pueblo to Elkton, VA.  That was 5,499 miles between the 26th and the 3rd. We then deadheaded over to Chesapeake, VA to pick up a load to take to Albany, NY and right now are in a truck stop in Harrisburg, PA waiting out the weather before we go to Knoxville, TN and after that Palm Springs, FL Sitting in the snow on Friday and we will be in the sunshine state on Monday.

On the stupidity side we did have one event related to the pickup in Chesapeake. Apparently the company has problems with drivers getting to some shippers early and this causes problems so they won’t dispatch you before a certain time. typically the beginning of the pickup window. The dispatch gives you the address to pickup at, If you don’t have that it is harder to get there early. The stupidity part was that the window had already opened but they kept telling use we couldn’t get there until 9:15 which was the end of the window. We also had nearly 200 miles to drive. Finally we got through to the right person and they dispatched us. Then adding to the stupidity was a long list of requirements for the condition of the trailer that we took in. Fortunately our trailer was good but it would have added more time had we had to go find a trailer. Then we ended up spending two hours at the shipper because our trailer was not where we could get to it and they were in the middle of a shift change so no one could go get it.

Today Liz met a couple who team like we do and amazingly enough they used to be out of Lancaster and had the same DM we do.  They agreed she was a complete failure at her job and that once they got moved to a different terminal their opinion of the company greatly improved. Looks like we need to work on that again.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel is pretty neat to do once. The drive north through Virgina, Maryland and all of Delaware is a pain though. Before we were allowed to cross the bridge they actually measured the height of the truck to be sure we were not too tall. The toll was $35.00! These are pictures from the bridge and the entrance to the first north bound tunnel. Click on the images for larger versions.

The tunnels are one lane each direction but in 1999 the bridge portions were expanded to two lanes each way with the opening of a parallel bridge.

Hopefully tomorrow the roads will be under control and we can get rolling again. Need to get the trailer full of coffee we have to Knoxville.