We started out with a nice set of trips and actually cleared $1,000 last week. This week began with a run from El Paso to Columbus, OH which had a short follow up to Lewistown, PA for over 1,900 miles to get things started. As we were wrapping up that run we got a preplan to go to Phoenix, AZ and deliver on the 19th. Would have been great but we requested home time in South Carolina for the 20th. Now it would be OK if we didn’t get there until the 21st so we asked if we could t-call the load in Phoenix on the 18th and get turned around. The answer was no so we turned the load down. We then received a preplan for a FedEx load from Newark, NJ to Hapeville, GA but it was revoked less than a minute later. Now we sit because they don’t pay attention to home time requests when planning and we have to be punished for turning down the trip by going to the bottom of the list.