OK, back to trucking stuff.

We ended up in Lewiston, ID right across the river from Clarkston, WA. We got there via Denver, CO and Hamilton, WY and a delivery to a K-Mart. As I mentioned in my tweets it was crazy cold on that trip. When the started to unload the truck one of the first things they found was a case of soda in glass bottles all of which were frozen. After that were a bunch of boxes that had fallen over because of a lousy loading job. Fortunately they recognized that it was not our fault although the shipper tried to pin the frozen liquids on us. They asked if we had stopped anywhere. Of course we had but we were still two hours early for the delivery. Given the temps in Denver I am betting things were frozen before we left.

The person who unloaded the truck noted on the bill of lading that there were problems but that they were the shippers fault. To cover our butts we sent in an O,S & D (overage, shortage, and damaged) report. As usual our being proactive created problems. Because no product was refused they didn’t know how to handle the report. We explained we sent it because if the comments on the BOL and they “made a note.”

We then were told to deadhead to Lewiston, probably because we had an odd sized trailer. Fourteen feet tall instead of the normal 13′ 6″. We got to see part of I-90 in the daylight that we saw in the dark last time. Very beautiful.

Lewiston has a small problem. It has a paper mill. They will never have a tourist industry. We are now hauling paper to Corona, CA for delivery Monday morning which brings me to the title of this post.

As usual Liz drove first and it didn’t look like it was going to be pleasant. US 95 is a two lane blacktop that us not listed as a truck route in our Motor Carriers Atlas. For our model tractor we have to make sure that the distance from between the drive tires to between the trailer tandems is no more than 37′ 8″. This implies a curvy road. Next the weather was overcast and rainy which turned to slush and snow at higher elevations. The first 50 miles was not fun for Liz. Then we left the percipitation behind us, although not the clouds. It was a spectacular run through what I think is called Hell’s Canyon along the Salmon river. Most definitely want to go back in the spring and summer. In the end Liz only ran 250 miles today because it was a hard run but well worth it.