My youngest granddaughter is about 20 months old. She speaks as well as anyone her age, which is not much. She certainly understands a lot and has a few American Sign Language signs that extend her ability to communicate. But I have to wonder how does she think? Most of us think with words. I know artists and musicians have more imagery and sound involved but most of us use words. What do children that young use?

For Christmas Olivia got some infant Cabbage Patch dolls that she adores. The other day she put them in time out. No one knows why. What was she thinking about?

For little children everything is new and an adventure. I wish I had a picture of the look on her face when she pushed a button on a mirror we have in the truck and a light came on.

My grandson Ethan is 22 months and at Christmas he gave the baby Jesus in the crèche a marshmallow. Somehow he got both the message that the baby was special and deserved a gift. How did he get that?

At the other end of the spectrum is Olivia’s big brother Aidan. He is half way through first grade and already being pushed into a box. The adults were playing Rock Band on the Wii the other day and he wanted to drum. He wasn’t doing well and understood the game well enough to know he wasn’t. This made him want to quit. I hate that and it happens to all kids. We mess them up as they grow.

The song Back When I Could Fly says it all. It talks about how our imaginations are crushed as we grow. Young parents reading this need to do what you can to keep your kids imagining.