We did not spend the last 10 days in Salt Lake City but we were there five. The rest of that saga involved “new” trucks. First we were given a Volvo 780 which is a spacious truck that actually has a table that converts to a bed like in an RV. Above that is a bunk with a nice mattress and the restraint netting you need in place to sleep while the truck is rolling. However after we spent hours moving in we were told it was the wrong truck as it had too many miles on it and we had to move to a Volvo 680. This is a much smaller truck and the upper bunk is lovingly referred to as the hammock as it has no real mattress and after a year or so of use hangs down like a hammock when you get in. We complained to several people, asked if we could keep the 780 until after the holidays so we could get rolling and were rebuffed in each case. This tied us up from Thursday through late Friday.

On Saturday morning we finally rolled out of SLC up to Ogden to get a load of left over disposable diaper stuffings to take to Richland Hills, TX where they will be made in to cheap carpet padding or something similar. This Kimberley-Clark facility had no scale of its own so we had to find the loaded trailer, which was not where they said it would be, then go to a truckstop to weigh the load and then come back for updated paperwork. It was a lovely run south to Provo and then on through some amazing scenery as we worked our way to I-40. Unfortunately the sun set before we got to Arches National Park. That night we made it to just east of Gallup, NM. The next day we headed for Texas. We arrived in Ft. Worth in the evening and once again had to scale because the consignee doesn’t trust the shippers and also has no scale. We scale before going, they empty the trailer and then we scale again and go back. Keep in mind it is $9.00 each time we scale and the driver pays and then gets reimbursed in the next paycheck. Not to mention another 16 unpaid miles and probably an hour of time. There are also very few truckstops in Ft. Worth and 10:30 at night is a bad time to try and park. Liz finally suggested we simply go to the consignee and hope there was some place to park. Fortunately there was right on the corner. There was already one truck there so I pulled in near him. In the morning there were four of us and we discovered later there had been two more that we didn’t see. Next time I will park a little more carefully to allow for the amount of traffic in this lot. I was so glad Liz had to drive in the morning because to get in this dock you had to back around the corner, twice. She did a good job and didn’t hit anything.

This was on Monday the 21st and we were supposed to be home on the 23rd. What trip do we get given? Only one going to New Jersey. One that you would have had to average 90 miles an hour to get it there on time. Even without the stupid schedule there is no way we would have been back in Texas by Christmas. We decided to just bite the bullet and take extra days off. We called our long suffering son and told him to come get us since we would have to leave the truck in Lancaster. Of course part of us was hoping they would give the truck to someone else but we didn’t really expect that.

We went home and had a wonderful week off but we managed to misplace some gifts we had purchased which was a bummer. We also looked in to changing terminals but have been told that could be denied as we are company drivers. This morning we loaded up and went back to Lancaster where our thoughtful DM had managed to hang on to our truck for us. This actually turned out to be a good thing as we found the missing presents.

Right now we are in a K-Mart parking lot in Killeen where we have a delivery in the morning. Still hoping we get to switch terminals and maybe get a better truck but mostly hoping we can just keep the truck rolling for awhile so we can start generating some income.