Here we sit at exit 71 of the Ohio turnpike in a truckstop waiting for someone to pick up the trailer so we can go to Freightliner of Toledo to get the tractor looked at. It is cold as hell and has been very windy. Some vehicles were even banned from the turnpike for awhile yesterday. Not us though.

This all started when, just as we passed a service center on the road our check engine light came on followed shortly by the engine protect light. By the time I got pulled off the side of the road the engine shutdown. We waited a few minutes and started the truck again. Everything seemed OK so I started rolling. We got a few miles down the road and it happened again. We sent in the appropriate messages and then managed to get to the next exit and the truckstop. After the standard confusing set of messages we were told to take the truck to the shop here and have it put on the diagnostics computer. That revealed that the computer in the truck is probably screwed up because it said all kinds of stuff was wrong. They said we needed to take it to Freightliner, truck dealer, to have it looked at. By this time the wind and cold are just crazy. We ask for permission to leave the trailer at the truckstop, properly secured, because between city streets and the wind it would be a lot easier but were told no. We then said fine we will move it in the morning as going at that time was a safety issue. We also pointed out that our load would be late. We were then told someone was coming to pick up the load but that was later rescinded.

Many truckstops have a system called IdleAire where a unit is put in your window that has heat, AC, power, Internet, and cable TV services. Because we were having engine problems we hooked up to that at $1.84 an hour plus five dollars membership for six months and five dollars for the window adapter. No one is supposed to run their engines in thus area but if course some do and don’t use the service. For us of course this is just a big expense. For an owner/operator it can save money since an idling truck uses one to one and a half gallons of diesel an hour. We will get to use this as a tax deduction.

This morning we got told someone was on the way to get the load afterall so instead of bring at Freightliner by now we are still waiting and spending $1.84 an hour on heat.

I’ll add another post later with the outcome.