We get to Pueblo and deliver to the Target distribution center, a very well run operation, and our next assignment comes in. Pick up in Golden, CO and deliver in Elkton, VA. The problem is that they are only paying 14 empty miles and it is over 100 miles from Pueblo to Golden. They are paying from the Denver terminal not Pueblo. Naturally I ask if this can be fixed and the first answer I get is “Nope can not change this routing” which really doesn’t mean anything to me. So I ask again of I can get paid for the miles and we start a confusing set of messages about changed trips. I then ask my DM if she can explain why I am not getting paid for the miles. Her answer is “The routing is correct” which again means nothing to me. Another round of confusing messages but finally she sends some numbers about my recent trips that explains that the 100 miles has been added to the trip I just finished. Had she said this up front it would have saved a lot of trouble but all she could do was say “trust me everything is OK and even if it isn’t, ‘to bad.'”