Hope everyone had a good time. We made it to Maryland although even that simple trip had some strife. I haven’t seen my family in a couple of years and that was great but we all missed Dad. I think everyone moved a little closer to accepting he is gone. We got to see the house my oldest niece and her husband had built recently as that is where we celebrated. Mostly family but also a few of her friends. It was a great time.

My DM was off last Monday so I sent in a reminder that we were supposed to be headed for Maryland. A planner messaged back that it was under control. We finished our Monday delivery and went to a truckstop. We then got a load going to Columbus, OH picking up Tuesday morning. We didn’t have to be in MD until Friday so no big deal. Shortly after we loaded we got redirected to NJ to relay the load and pick up a Costco reefer going to MD. This was perfect as we would be done early Wednesday morning and could go out to Hagerstown. The trick was that the reefer had to be brought back to NJ after it was empty. However, the notes in the trip said to bring it back “whenever” which said to me after home time was over. We finished the two Costco live unloads and went to the truck stop in Jessup, MD. City truck stops are a whole ‘nother post. We sat and sat and sat. I tried sending a message but it wouldn’t go. Never did figure out why not. I finally called. I was all set to thank everyone for getting us home for the holidays when I got a big dose of attitude. I explained how I was unsure of my status. Was I on home time or waiting for a load? Kris (the DM) pointed out that the reefer needed to go back to NJ. I pointed out “whenever.” She then asked if just taking one day off would be OK because the reefer needed to get back to Costco. I said no we were owed three and we were taking then. She got pissed, said fine, and told us we were now on home time.

We drove to Hagerstown, 75 mile trip that took over two hours because of traffic. There are two truck stops within 10 miles of my mother’s place so that worked out great. Turned out gas was much cheaper at the one we stayed at so we filled her car up a couple of times.

Saturday morning we got back to the truck fairly early and let people know we were ready to roll. After much confusion we got underway about two in the afternoon. When we got to Costco there were so many empty reefers in the area we were supposed to drop we ended up just leaving it in front of others and not in an official slot. So glad we didn’t rush back.

We are now headed for Pueblo, CO and glad to be getting west to the wide open spaces.