Today was the end of our first week out together. Right now we are in Flagstaff, AZ and tomorrow we will head in to Los Angeles. We are scheduled to pick up at 9:00 PM CT and deliver in a suburb of Portland, OR at 6:00 PM CT. It is going to be a tight run. The plan is that Liz will get us to LA with an hour to spare and then I’ll drive while she sleeps and then she will take over and finish it off.

Neither of us have been this direction before so hopefully we will get to see a little of it.

Things are beginning to slip in to a routine and will have to as we transition to true team driving. That probably means that the frequency of updates will drop. Sorry about that but I’ll try to find things to write about. It really amazes me the number of people who read this. Not like it is even 20 but I figured at best it would be my immediate family.