Thursday was a very long day. As I said in the last post we had four deliveries to make. The first two were just inside Indiana and next door to each other. I drove there and had to do what is called a blind side back. Most of the turning is on the passenger side and you simply can’t see much of what is going on. That took awhile but I got it done. The unload took a few minutes as it was only four or five pallets. I didn’t even bother to close the doors while I drove next door to a much simpler docking. Liz took over at this point and had to drive to Indianapolis where she got two much harder dockings. One was a tight space with a pond on one side. The other was a blind side back in a space more condusive to delivery trucks than semi trailers. After all that we drove about 130 miles to pick up dog food in Illinois. Our route took us through a town with the county court house in the middle of the road and across two bridges that were under construction and limited to one lane. We got to the shipper with one minute to spare. Not that the shipper would have cared if we were five minutes later.

We picked up 40,000 lbs of dog food. We had to move the tandems (the wheels on the trailer) forward to adjust the weight evenly. This is known as sliding the tandems. There is a lever to pull that releases pins that hold the wheels in place. On this ancient trailer the lever was not hooked up properly and I had to use vice grips to make it work properly. Prior to figuring that out I had a close call where I had the lever spring back and slam my finger. Fortunately I only broke some skin and not the finger.

Finally we went to a truck stop and shut down for the night. A very long and tiring day.