Even when I am supposed to be on home time. On Monday Liz and I got up very early and were in Houston by about 9:00. We went into the terminal and were told to go out to the guard shack to get the keys. Walking up to the truck we saw it was damaged.

Then we got inside.  Several upgrades lacking in my truck and a lot fewer miles.  However it was filthy and the permit book was incredibly out of date.  Good thing the driver never got stopped for anything because he would have had a massive number of tickets. The registration was no good, the liquor permits were out of date, even the self insurance form was out of date. I called Lancaster and they pointed me towards the terminal manager.  He handed me a list of trucks that were “ready to go.” The first one we looked at was a beautiful Volvo with only 85,000 miles on it.  Unfortunately it also had no upper bunk. No way Liz and I are sleeping in a 36″ wide bed together.  We hadn’t noticed at the time but there does not seem to be a place to put a 12 volt cooler in a Volvo.  We looked at several and agreed that the person getting paid to clean the trucks was not doing her job very well.  In the end I asked for the keys to my old truck back and that is what we have been packing today.

We did make it to LibreDigital to visit as well.  That was great.  I do miss the people even if I don’t miss the stress. A few people were not in and that was sad. I was surprised by the number of people who are reading this blog.  I hope I can keep it interesting for them.

In the morning we should receive our instructions on where to go so now things should get really interesting.