Even getting home turned out to be a story.

After making my delivery in El Paso I went to the terminal there to wait for my next trip. It came through in a few hours.  A load of medical equipment going to Georgia but the route passed through Dallas and I was able to arrange a “t-call.” That is I could drop it there and have someone else take it while I got something that would get me headed home. I got to Lancaster early in the afternoon and decided to go meet Krissie, my driver manager. We had a pleasant talk and I thought “OK maybe things will be better now.” The next morning I was told to deliver a truck full of spaghetti sauce to a Walmart distribution center in New Caney, TX. This is just north of Houston and certainly closer to home. My Projected Time of Availability (PTA) was also set to 11:00 PM on the first which sounded to me like I got to go home after making the delivery.  However I needed more than three days, or more precisely, 72 hours at home.  Especially since I had been out for six weeks.  When I brought this up I was told, sorry company policy is that you have to give up your truck if you take more than three days off plus put in a “personal leave” form.  Not sure what the point of the form is since there are no real vacation days. I finally said to hell with it and agreed to give up the truck, she then tried to get me to leave it in Lancaster instead of the terminal in Houston.  I said “no way, I am going to take it to Houston.”  That way Liz and I could be driving towards each other instead of my sitting around waiting for her plus I would get paid for 200+ miles. Just as I was shutting things down in Houston I noticed a call from the head of driver services, Krissie’s boss.  He left a message apologizing for not getting back on a call from two weeks ago.  Turns out his voice mail had been screwed up.  It was too late to call him then so Liz and I unloaded the truck and headed home.  Friday morning I called him and gave him the entire story.  He apologized and said that while policy was three days a DM can work with the drivers and that since I had been out as long as I had and had clearly been moving freight he would sort it out. Monday Liz and I are going to Houston to pick up a newer truck to bring home and get set up for driving. I am “off” until the fourth and don’t have to worry about any personal leave forms.  Hopefully Krissie will have learned something from all of this but at least I am not currently thinking about changing home terminals.

By the way, Walmart spaghetti sauce is apparently made by Ragu.