The trip really started last week when I crossed from Maryland in to western Pennsylvania. I have never actually been on US-220 or I-99 before but they go through western PA where I was born and where my family is from. This is one of many beautiful parts of our country but it has a special place for me and calls to me in my bones. After dropping and picking up cargo I headed north towards I-80 and passed through State College. I spent a day there when I worked for The University of Texas and that day lead to a week in Bermuda supporting an experiment to measure ocean temperatures. Dirty job but someone had to do it.

Then I headed east and eventually hit the Delaware Water Gap, another stunning place especially when the leaves are turning. This brought back memories of a week long canoe trip I took in high school on the upper Delaware.

Then in to and out of New Jersey near Hoboken where John Wiley and Sons books has offices with which I have spent many an hour on the phone in my previous life.

Next back on I-80 headed west. This time all the way across PA past signs for Pittsburgh, were I was born, and New Castle, where my grandparents had a farm and I have some of my earliest memories.

The next day I hit Ohio and exits for Cedar Point, a most excellent amusement park, as well as Hiram where my older brother went to college. After those were Fremont and Port Clinton, again areas in which we lived.

Next comes Indiana and Valparaiso. I didn’t live there but my parents and younger brother did for several years.

Turned north towards Chicago where I saw a sign for the Museum of Science and Industry, my favorite museum. My oldest grandchildren went there recently.

Then Milwaukee. We lived just north of Milwaukee in Bayside the summer before I entered the Air Force. I remember seeing The Band and Leon Redbone at the bug summer festival they had on the lake front and also going to see Gene Roddenberry give a presentation on Star Trek. Later I headed west on US-151 past The House on the Rock, a very cool place to visit.

Tonight I am in Roswell, NM. No memories here for me and most of those between Wisconson and here are fresh and related to learning to drive the truck.

I have actually traveled part of this road before, again when I worked for UT and we were going to and from Alamagordo a lot. Tomorrow I’ll go through Ruidoso and then down to Alamagordo and in to El Paso. The trip down 54 I have made several times. Hopefully after that I head back to central Texas and home.