Tomorrow, the 22nd, Liz finishes orientation and will be ready to go out on the road. Plan A had been for her to go home and I would also come home and we would roll out on Monday. Well requesting home time was unclear to me and I did it late. Did my DM offer to fix it for me one time, no.

As you may recall I had to practically beg to get to Memphis for the class and once the class was over did they start to steer me back to Texas, no. Instead I got sent to western Pennsylvania and now I am in northern New Jersey with no load out of here in sight. At this rate I’ll be lucky to get home on the 30th as I have requested.

Speaking of New Jersey it was quite an experience driving on highways and then city streets in North Bergen at night in the truck. On ramps are almost nonexistent in many places and of course no one moves over. Lots of fun.