So here I sit near Roaring Springs and Duncansville waiting to go to Bellwood in the morning. I have passed within 70 miles of where my parents live but had no good way to go visit them. After I make my delivery I go to Altoona to pick up a load of stuff made from foam to take to North Bergan, NJ. Almost into New York City. That should be a challenge.

Speaking of challenges. The GPS receiver told me how to get to a truckstop in Duncansville that didn’t exist where it and Google Maps think it does. I ended up in a neighborhood. Drove across a bridge with an 18 ton limit twice and almost got stuck on a road with no outlet. Fortunately there was some sort of business with a large gravel parking lot where I could turn around. Also a bih thanks to several nice people who got out of the way and let me make some massive sweeping turns using up all the lanes and still almost taking out a fence or two. This made my trip through downtown Lexington, KY yesterday seem like nothing. That one was my fault as I exited southbound instead of northbound.