Today I was to get a truck. Several were due to come out of maintenance and I would get one. Around 11:00 I was asked if I would do something different. So now I sit at DFW airport waiting to fly to Denver with another brand new driver. We will get a couple of day cabs (no sleeper berth) and will be hauling something to Phoenix. We will spend a night in a hotel somewhere in New Mexico. In Phoenix we will get our trucks. Phoenix is where corporate headquarters are and where all new trucks come from so there is an increased chance of getting a brand new truck. Not holding my breath but it could happen.

I will also talk to them about Liz and I teaming hoping that I can get a bigger tractor right off the bat. I did get official approval to be her mentor today. I just need to get to Memphis for a class on the 15th. That should not be a problem.

I’ll keep you posted.